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“We highly recommend Dr. Mazlin. He impressed us with the amount of time and effort he put forth in preparing us for the ceremony and procedure, calling us several times during the week prior to the event. We also were told by our pediatrician and several friends who are doctors who saw the “end result” that he did a “fantastic” job. We also loved the efficiency with which he conducts the service and his ability to create a warm atmosphere.”

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Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin, a New York Mohel and Physician is very well known for his sense of warmth, sensitivity and caring. As a Mohel and as an Obstetrician / Gynecologist, Dr. Mazlin has performed several thousand circumcisions, including the Jewish ritual circumcision (the bris) for over thirty-one years. Those who have celebrated the joyous occasion of the bris with Dr. Mazlin have highly recommended him to their friends and family members. Whether you are seeking a Mohel for your newborn son, newborn twins, or your adopted newborn, Dr. Mazlin has the experience and patience that will make you feel confident at this sensitive time. Your bris will be performed by Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin, a Mohel recognized for his experience, patience and understanding. As an Ob/Gyn physician, Dr. Mazlin is known for his compassionate bedside manner, and carries this sense of caring into his role as a Mohel. Additionally, he is particularly concerned about reducing your son’s discomfort, and uses lidocaine cream topically, and sweet kosher wine for suckling. You will be especially satisfied with the outcome of the bris- both aesthetically and spiritually.

The bris ceremony creates a mark in time, and many new parents feel that it links them with past generations on an emotional and traditional level. The gathering of family and friends also creates a sense of unity during this spiritual event. As in the teachings of Genesis 17: 1-12 which states “You shall keep my covenant…every male shall be circumcised when he is eight days old,” your newborn son will also join this covenant. During the ceremony your son will receive his Hebrew name and will connect with his Jewish heritage.  We will also hear about whom he’s named after- and why you have chosen this special person. The bris will be a spiritual and meaningful event at which everyone who attends will leave somewhat changed and thoughtfully provoked. This is what the bris is about- and this is what Dr. Mazlin provides to your experience.

Mazel Tov on the Arrival of your New Baby!

The wonderful tradition of the brit ceremony has been passed down from the time of Abraham, nearly 4,000 years ago. This spiritual experience will link and unite past generations with present and future ones. *The bris will be performed in a sensitive, warm, nurturing and dignified manner. *The comfort and care of your baby is of utmost concern. The brit is recited in English as well as Hebrew. You may include your family and other guests in the ceremony. This spiritually enlightening service will embrace all who attend. Those who do not understand or speak Hebrew and those who are not Jewish will also be included –as well as spiritually uplifted. The Brit is the ceremony which establishes your son’s Jewish identity, both culturally and religiously.

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Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin featured in New
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