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“We highly recommend Dr. Mazlin. He impressed us with the amount of time and effort he put forth in preparing us for the ceremony and procedure, calling us several times during the week prior to the event. We also were told by our pediatrician and several friends who are doctors who saw the “end result” that he did a “fantastic” job. We also loved the efficiency with which he conducts the service and his ability to create a warm atmosphere.”

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"We are so grateful to have found Dr. Mazlin. He prioritized our son's comfort above anything, which was very important to us. His multi-faceted approach to pain control worked very well, and our son healed up surprisingly fast. The pediatrician even commented on a job well done!
We highly recommend Dr. Mazlin!"
Thank you again so much for keeping our son healthy, and for such a beautiful ceremony!

Laura and Josh, Brooklyn, NY (May 3rd)

“Dr. Mazlin was glowingly recommended to us by our OBGYN. We couldn’t have been happier. He was extremely generous with his time, attention, and guidance. He ensured we had all the necessary details for a successful bris. And his manner was unswervingly patient and warm. Plus the bris itself was seamless and thoughtful. Thank you Dr. Mazlin!”
Jessi & Michael Engleman, Brooklyn, NY (June 25th)

“Dr. Mazlin performed a wonderful ceremony and did an excellent job on our son’s bris. He explained everything and helped us pick his Hebrew name. He made everyone feel comfortable and was available any time for questions or concerns. As a physician myself, I appreciate the sterility of his equipment and careful, methodical technique. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Clifton Jackness, M.D., New York, NY (May 30th)

"Dr. Mazlin performed our son's bris and we couldn't have been happier with the experience. As a mixed couple he was great at including my husband and his family in the event. He took the time to talk to my in-laws about the process and benefits of procedure. He did a great job and gave very detailed and easy to follow instructions for aftercare. He also made himself available for any questions, always a comfort for new parents. We highly recommend him and would use him if we have another son. Thank you so much for yesterday!'
Karen Sumberg & Arvind Gopal, New York, NY (May 25th)

"Dr. Mazlin performed the bris for our two sons.  He was very easy to work with - he explained the ceremony and procedure and provided us with detailed post-circumcision care instructions.  Dr. Mazlin also made himself available to answer our questions at any time.  Most importantly, our pediatrician said that the result was perfect.  Dr. Mazlin's approach made each of our sons' bris ceremonies stress-free. We would highly recommend him!" 
Ali and Brett, Pleasantville NY (Nov 4th)

"Dr. Mazlin, Thank you again for performing Little Benji's bris!
(Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin performed our son's bris last week. He was amazing!) It was important to us to have an MD perform the circumcision, and he also provided great after care information. (Benji's almost healed and ready for his first bath tomorrow!) It turned out to be such a great experience for our family!"

Jessica and Joe, New York, NY (August 10)

"Dr. Mazlin was recommended to me by my synagogue for the Bris of my son. Dr. Mazlin was so wonderful in explaining every part of the ceremony to me before I hired him. He helped me add in special momentos like our family tallis, kiddush cup and helped me find a good part for my son's great grandfather to have. He was on time, super professional and did not talk excessively. The Bris lasted about 20 minutes with Dr. Mazlin offering the importance of the ceremony and the blessings. I really enjoyed having him as our Mohel, but I really wanted to see how my son's penis turned out before I wrote this review. Well Dr. Mazlin did an ABSOLUTELY STELLAR JOB. It began healing the next day, and we treated it just how he had advised us. My son is now 1 month old and has, what I would consider, a beautifully circumsized penis. I don't mean that to sound weird because I am his mom, but it was surely something I was nervous about. I would recommend Dr. Mazlin to anyone I knew who was having a boy and doing a Bris. Thank you Dr. Mazlin!"
Arielle and Sean Diskin, New York, New York (Feb 22)

"Dr Jeffrey Mazlin performed the bris on my twin boys who were born prematurely. It was a beautiful and personal ceremony in which all of the family were included. Dr Mazlin was gentle, caring and kind. I could not have asked for a better Mohel or ceremony. I highly recommend Dr Jeffrey Mazlin for your baby's welcome to the Jewish faith."
Julian and Sheila, Purchase, NY (Feb 15)

"Dr. Mazlin performed our son's bris a few weeks ago. My wife is Jewish, and I am not. Dr. Mazlin did a wonderful job welcoming our son into the Jewish faith, and had also made my family feel very comfortable. My side of the family was very concerned that the ceremony would feel foreign to us, and that we would be uncomfortable and feel out of place. Well, that didn't happen! Dr. Mazlin did part of the ceremony in Hebrew, but explained what each part was about, and did the rest of the ceremony in English. He included many family members from both sides, and I really think everyone felt accepted and involved in the service. I was also very happy at the physical outcome of the circumcision itself, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dr Mazlin also has a calm spirit and a warm bedside manner. He was just perfect!"
John and Sara, Tenafly, NJ (Jan 28)

"Dear Dr Mazlin, Thank you so much for performing Ethan's bris. We were so happy with the ceremony and you made us feel very comfortable and at ease. Most importantly, Ethan healed perfectly! Thank you again for guiding us through that special day!"
Stephanie, Chad, Hailey and Ethan, New York, NY (Jan 17)

"Hi Dr. Mazlin, I hope this note finds you well. I'm happy to report that Asher and Lyla (you performed his bris- and her naming this past April) are doing wonderfully! Our pediatrician has also remarked a few times on the high quality of Asher's circumcision! Thank you again! Warmest regards"
Rick and Meital, Brooklyn, NY (Sept 24)

"Our experience with Dr. Mazlin was great. My husband and I are not super religious but still wanted to do something for a bris for our son with just our parents, grandparents, and siblings, in our own home. We wanted it to feel light but also celebratory, and of course were both somewhat apprehensive about the actual procedure. On both fronts- the ceremony and the actual circumcision- Dr. Mazlin was great! He walked us through the medical aspects of the procedure calmly and carefully, which calmed our nerves. He also went over the after-care with us very thoroughly as well which we appreciated. Secondly, he performed a great service that both of us and our family really enjoyed. In fact various family members who have been to lots of these ceremonies said that this was one of the nicest ones they had been to! And as a nervous first time mom who was not raised super religious, I really enjoyed the ceremony as well- and felt very emotional and happy as we were going through it. I would fully recommend Dr. Mazlin's services - he was fantastic and our son will thank him someday!"
Nicole and Josh, New York, NY (July 20)

"Dr. Mazlin made our Bris an exceptional experience for all who were involved. Before he even arrived at our apartment, he was already taking good care of us. The pharmacy had not correctly filled the prescription for the pain medication that we were supposed to apply before the service. I called Dr. Mazlin from the pharmacy in a panic, about an hour before the ceremony, and left him a message. Within a few minutes he had called back both- my husband and me- as well as the pharmacy- to straighten everything out. He then arrived at our apartment and began to explain to us what was going to happen. He did not rush to start the service and really took his time to talk to us and made us feel so comfortable. The actual Bris was fantastic; especially the way Dr. Mazlin explained the reason for a Bris to our guests- many who were not Jewish. We enjoyed the way he guided us throughout the ceremony and also explained to our helpers their role in the ceremony. Everyone was very comfortable with him and we felt confident that he would take care of our little baby. He was sweet to our baby, Trent, and allowed both my husband and I to stay right next to him during the procedure. We were so thrilled with the ceremony and would love to recommend Dr. Mazlin. We especially liked that he was also a medical doctor, which gave us the added security of all the training that goes with that. Dr. Mazlin even stayed to eat sandwiches and chat with us after the ceremony which was such a special touch. Thank you for making our Bris experience so joyous!"
Kristin and Zach (and Trent), New York, NY (May 11)

"Hi Dr. Mazlin- Thanks for the wonderful bris this past week. My family found it to be sensitive and quite touching. We are all appreciative of the job you did – and our pediatrician was even very complimentary about the aesthetics of your circ!"
Craig Nerenberg (April 25)

"Once again, thanks for your caring and informed professionalism. Our family comfortably and joyfully celebrated the momentous occasion of my grandson Dylan’s Bris. Everyone present sang your praises."
Marcia Muskat (April 16)

"We were so happy to find Dr. Mazlin to perform the Brit of our son, Benjamin. Our family was so pleased with the professional, yet personal service that he performed. Dr. Mazlin was extremely organized and took time to explain the process of the ceremony and answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Mohel who wants a special yet professional Brit experience for their family and child. "
Robyn and Itamar, Riverdale, NY (April 13)

"I want to thank you for officiating at Ethan’s Bris. The event was Truly a Beautiful and spiritual occasiont for all of us, especially myself. Thank you for allowing me to speak from ‘Samuel’ where Hannah brings her baby to the Temple and leaves the child with Eli for the Lord. I shall cherish and remember the day with fondness and remember your graciousness."
Victor Paganissi (April 13)

"We had a bris for our son Ethan David Victor Solomon on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 in New York City. Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin performed the ceremony and was wonderful. He commented how great it was to have both families to come together to celebrate this special day. In fact, he added to the event by making us feel at ease, explaining the ceremony to us in detail beforehand and answering all our questions big and small. Additionally, he made sure that the grandparents, aunt and uncles were part of the day and made them feel super important. We would highly recommend Dr. Mazlin to others and encourage them to use him! "
Darius and Inez, New York, NY (April 4)

"Thanks very much for the Bris yesterday. I really admire and appreciate your gentleness and generosity of time and sensitivity."
Martin S. Tesher, M.D. (April 4)

"From the very beginning when I contacted Dr. Mazlin about the possibility of performing the Bris- of our then still unborn son- I felt confident that we would be in great hands! Dr. Mazlin was prompt, available, informative, clear, and patient in his communication. He was unbelievably supportive during a last-minute re-scheduling of the Bris due to jaundice. And finally, when we were able to do the ceremony, it was clear to everyone in the room how deeply he cared about this important Jewish ritual. Finally, last but not least, he did a great job with the actual circumcision. My son cried minimally, despite the fact that he’s a bit of a cry-er, and the wound healed beautifully! I couldn’t have been happier with the job Dr. Mazlin did. I highly recommend him to anyone."
Julie Anne Meerschwam (and Joe Turner Lin) (Sunday December 13)

"Thank you so much Dr.Mazlin for performing Elijah (and Asher’s) brits.Our family and friends are still talking about what a wonderful brit you performed! Jeffrey and I really appreciate that you were willing to make time to do Elijah’s bris. Asher’s was so wonderful, we couldn’t imagine using any one else.Thank you a million times over!"
Amy, Jeffrey, Asher and Elijah NY, NY (August 30)

"Hi Dr. Mazlin, Michael and I want to thank you so much for performing Ethan’s bris on Friday. It was such a pleasure to have you join us for this special occasion, not to mention the additional comfort we had knowing you are a doctor! We really appreciate you taking the time to meet with us in the hospital, prep us for the bris ceremony, and follow up with us on how to care for Ethan while he heals. We’re also glad you were able to stay a little while to enjoy some food and mingle with our parents and families. Ethan is doing great! Thank you! "
Jaime & Michael Reiter, Fort Lee, NJ (August 21)

"Dear Dr. Mazlin, On behalf of our whole family, I’d like to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed at our son David’s bris. It was done with the utmost taste and meaning, and made us all feel like we indeed welcomed our son into the Jewish fold with great honor and affection. Thank you also for your clear and detailed instructions that helped us take care of David and make him as comfortable as possible. He is doing very well and healing nicely." With warm regards from the whole family, "
Shira, Charles and Family (August 7)

"Dr. Mazlin, Ethan, Adam and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family. You’ve been by our side for 9 months- not to mention 24 straight hours in the hospital- and every minute was filled with warmth, compassion and professionalism. I’ll never forget when you said "It’s a boy!" Not only were Adam and I elated to have a healthy boy, we were thoroughly relieved to know you’d be by our side again in 8 days! We didn’t think it would be possible for you to top your performance in the delivery room, but sure enough you did! Our family and friends are still talking about what a wonderful brit you did and how lucky Adam and I are to have found you. Thank you a million times over!"
The Roberts Family (August 1)

"Dear Dr. Mazlin, Thank you for helping us create such a positive brit experience for our family . At every step of the way, you were exceptionally thorough and responsive, and never made us feel rushed when we had questions. We felt the ceremony had the perfect mix of warmth and tradition, which was exactly what we were seeking. As new parents, you made us feel comfortable and secure in our decision to perform the circumcision at home. Our pediatrician (who recommended you to us) commented on the excellent job on the circumcision itself, which healed beautifully, with no issues. We would highly recommend you to anyone seeking a moyel."
Mark and Natalie Margolis, parents of Connor, New York, NY (June 7)

"Dear Dr. Mazlin, Thank you again for the brit you performedfor our son on June 6, 2009. During the hectic first week of our son’s life, we were grateful for your responsiveness, flexibility, and help in planning in his brit. The ceremony was meaningful and special. We felt a sense of connection with the great Jewish tradition into which we’re welcoming our son, and we appreciated the explanation you provided of the different parts of the ceremony, which made it accessible to our non-Jewish friends in attendance. The tone you set for the ceremony was perfect – relaxed yet dignified. Finally, we were very satisfied with the results of the actual circumcision. Our son healed well, and both the verbal and written directions you provided on the care of the circumcision were clear, easy to follow, and reassuring. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a mohel."
Kerry & Brian Milch, New York, NY (June 6, 2009) (June 7)

"Dr. Mazlin performed our son Reid’s bris. We found him to be very personable and the ceremony to be warm and inviting. Most importantly, my son healed beautifully."
Jodi Buckley (April 29)

"I just wanted to thank you again for the incredibly sensitive, traditional and most importantly, successful bris! My son tells me he couldn’t have asked for a better experience relatively speaking! The fact that you allowed my wife and me to personalize our own service, of course, along with the traditional structure made for an amazing experience. Our extended family and friends, felt included and made a part of this special tradition, as well. People were talking about your service for weeks. I, would be more than happy to share my experience with others and would strongly recommend you in the future. Thank you so very much."
The Zimners (April 27)

"Dr. Mazlin performed our son’s brit (Jacob Samuel) today with the same warmth, sensitivity, understanding, and competency that we experienced from him as our Ob/Gyn. He was straightforward in practice and melded his background comfortably and appropriately with that of our rabbi’s. Given the need, we would use him again and would enthusiastically recommend him as Mohel to any others. Our son thanks you also."
David & Cheryl Oppenheim (April 20)

"Dr. Mazlin was amazing in every way. First, he spoke to us many times over the phone about scheduling the bris, assigning honors and parts to people, our son’s Hebrew name, etc. He was willing and able to get to our apartment (where the bris was held) on the Sabbath (the first mohel we called was not). And he then graciously rescheduled the time of the bris so that my brothers could catch a flight back to college. The ceremony was very nice – traditional and yet performed in a manner so that everyone (including non-Jews) could understand what was going on. One ultra-orthodox couple that we invited remarked that they were impressed by the inclusiveness of the ceremony. Our son barely cried during the procedure, and Dr. Mazlin’s instructions regarding post-circumcision care were very clear. And every pediatrician we’ve seen (there are a few in the group we use) has remarked about how great our son’s circumcision looks. Thank you so much again, Dr. Mazlin!"
Max and Lori Goodman, New York, NY (March 28)

"Dr. Mazlin, thank you for performing Nathan Hy’s bris. It was truly a beautiful and joyous ceremony. All of our family members were extremely touched, as were we. We are thankful to have had you play such an important part of this tradition. With Love"
Tracy, Scott and Nathan Sigal (March 14)

"Dr. Mazlin, I would just like to thank you for doing the Bris of our son Mason Weiss on Sunday November 30, 2008 in Tenafly NJ. We think you did a great job with the ceremony and the circumcision itself and were glad that you explained what was being done each step of the way. This made it easier for us. Our pediatrician even commented on the nice job that was done which confirmed our opinion that we had hired the right person for the circumcision. Thank you for everything."
R & J Weiss (November 30)

"Dr Mazlin –We wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for the memorable B’rit you performed on our son Eli on 3/11/08. From the very moment we spoke, and the several times leading up to the actual event, you went above and beyond anything we could have expected in making us not only feel medically safe and comfortable with the actual Bris, but also made it special by helping us understand the Jewish significance. Being our first child, it was a pretty hectic time that first week. You gave us one less thing to worry about. The ceremony was held at his Grandparents apartment in front of 20 or so people. We felt the ceremony was nicely organized into the 3 parts (presentation, the bris, and afterword) giving us the opportunity to honor Eli and our family members appropriately. Your coaching and aftercare guidance helped us immensely by again removing yet another worry from our day to day. We will treasure the memory and his certificate and look forward to the day when we can tell him about his B’rit. Thank you once again!"
Julie and Mark, New York, NY (March 16)

"We can’t thank Dr. Mazlin enough.Our brit was beautiful. It has been a very frightening 6 weeks for us –starting with the unexpectedly early arrival of Rafael Leo at 32 weeks. When we finally got the "go ahead" to plan Rafael’s brit –our Rabbi quickly recommended Dr.Mazlin. We didn’t really expect for the ceremony to resonate as much for us as it did. It was beautiful, inclusive and steeped in tradition. Dr. Mazlin easily explained the procedure to us and warmly presented each step of the ceremony to our family and guests. We had a very diverse group here, and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed being a part of this simcha.We also realize how lucky we are that Dr. Mazlin is a surgeon! As it turns out, Rafael had a complication that would have prevented a non-physician Mohel from being able to perform the circumcision. Even with this turn of events, Dr. Mazlin somehow kept us calm, and confident in his abilities.Once again, thank you Dr. Mazlin!"
Tal and Tamar, NYC, NY (February 26)

"Dr. Mazlin was thoughtful and understanding. He was open to what we needed and at the same time suggested ways in which we could make the ceremony more meaningful for both of us. Dr. Mazlin was largely responsible for making a stressful event manageable and beautiful.And, hey, our son didn’t even cry."
Mike and Amy, NY, NY (February 12)

"My family and I greatly appreciate the warm and skillful way in which you related to my us and to my grandson, Justin Sol Leitner. From my preliminary phone conversation with you though the actual Bris on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007 at East End Temple, NYC, your professional and caring approach exuded confidence in a family anxiously experiencing the Bris of their very fist child and grandchild and great grandchild. Also assuring were your clear explanations and directions regarding preparations and post-medical care. Thank you for the loving way that you handled and held Justin and for successfully performing the act that began Justin’s covenant with G-d to make the world a better place."
Marcia L. NY, NY (December 30)

"John and I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful bris. You were both thoughtful with your words and gentle with your actions. Our pediatrician has actually complimented your work at Cole’s last visit. We will definitely be passing along your name. "
Amie & John Hadden, New York, NY (November 12)

"We highly recommend Dr. Mazlin. He impressed us with the amount of time and effort he put forth in preparing us for the ceremony and procedure, calling us several times during the week prior to the event. We also were told by our pediatrician and several friends who are doctors who saw the "end result" that he did a "fantastic" job. We also loved the efficiency with which he conducts the service and his ability to create a warm atmosphere."
Alexis and Andrew Katz, New York, NY (October 19)

"Dr. Mazlin performed circumcisions on my two sons. He is a highly skilled physician and mohel who I would recommend to anyone."
Ronald D. Blatt M.D., F.A.C.O.G. (November 30)

Mazel Tov on the Arrival of your New Baby!

The wonderful tradition of the brit ceremony has been passed down from the time of Abraham, nearly 4,000 years ago. This spiritual experience will link and unite past generations with present and future ones. *The bris will be performed in a sensitive, warm, nurturing and dignified manner. *The comfort and care of your baby is of utmost concern. The brit is recited in English as well as Hebrew. You may include your family and other guests in the ceremony. This spiritually enlightening service will embrace all who attend. Those who do not understand or speak Hebrew and those who are not Jewish will also be included –as well as spiritually uplifted. The Brit is the ceremony which establishes your son’s Jewish identity, both culturally and religiously.

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